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What are the different ways of fire-resistant gunning materials? Magnesia carbon brick prices

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What are the different ways of fire-resistant gunning materials? Magnesia carbon brick prices

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What's the different way of fire-resistant spray

1 wet spout is a method of mixing the refractory aggregate, binder, additive and water to make a certain consistency of mud, the price of magnesia carbon brick and the method of spraying the mud to the spray surface by the compressed air of the gunning machine. Its characteristics are simple operation, high adhesion rate and quick sintering. But because of the large water content and fine grain, the shrinkage is also large. At the same time, because the spray coating is thinner, the durability is not good.


2 semi dry spout is a mixture of refractory aggregate, binder and additive, mixed with water through the water ring hole of the spray gun and a method of ejecting from compressed air to the spray surface. The amount of water can be adjusted at any time according to the filling situation, which usually fluctuates between 10 and 20%, which is lower than the moisture content of the wet method. It's much more. Therefore, the volume density of the spray filling layer is large, the shrinkage is smaller, the thicker spout layer can be obtained, and the durability is better, but the rebound amount is slightly higher than the wet method, and the spray filling method is more common.

The price of magnesia carbon brick

The 3 flame spray is the mixture of refractory aggregate, fluxing agent or heating agent to the nozzle with compressed oxygen, which is burned with high calorific value fuel and mixed with it in a moment, and then heat the surface of the refractory aggregate into molten or semi melting state, and then spray the repair method attached to the lining of the furnace. Dense, high strength, corrosion resistance, anti erosion ability, solid and durable. But the flame gunning device has high cost, complex technology and high energy consumption.