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What is the difference between fused magnesia magnesia magnesia magnesia magnesia and medium magnesia?

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What is the difference between fused magnesia magnesia magnesia magnesia magnesia and medium magnesia?

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Sintered magnesia is a magnesia carbon brick with special grade and grade one magnesite, which is sintered by light firing, fine grinding, pressing ball and high temperature shaft kiln. Magnesia has low impurity content, large bulk density and good slag resistance. It is used for making medium grade magnesia brick or magnesia indefinite refractory.

Fused magnesia: made of selected grade a natural magnesite or high-purity light magnesia particles, melted in an electric arc furnace. The product has high purity, large crystalline grain, compact structure, strong slag resistance material and good thermal shock stability. Therefore, it is an excellent high temperature electrical insulating material, and is also an important raw material for making high-grade magnesia brick, magnesia carbon brick and unshaped refractory material.

High purity magnesia: natural grade magnesite ore flotation purification, light burning, fine grinding, ball pressing, ultra high temperature oil shaft kiln calcined. The use of high purity magnesia is: it is a high-quality raw material for making bricks and indefinite refractories.



Reburning magnesia is made of natural magnesite ore and calcined by high temperature shaft kiln. The purpose of reburning magnesia is to make bricks and produce raw materials of amorphous refractories. The finished products are used for steelmaking, electric furnace bottom and tamping lining.

Medium magnesia is made of light burned Magnesium Oxide with MgO content of 97% as raw material, produced by pressing ball and calcining at high temperature shaft kiln. The product has good sintering degree and dense crystal.