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The main properties of magnesia alumina brick

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The main properties of magnesia alumina brick

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In order to improve the thermal shock resistance of magnesia brick, more and more enterprises have introduced alumina or bauxite clinker to form magnesia alumina spinel matrix to make magnesia alumina bricks. Magnesia alumina brick is a basic refractory product with the main crystal phase of magnesite and magnesia alumina spinel, also known as the first generation of magnesite spinel brick.

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In order to make magnesia alumina spinel distribute evenly in the matrix of brick, the magnesia alumina bauxite is used for grinding together in the tube mill. The amount of bauxite is usually calculated according to the content of 7%~8%Al2O3 in the product. The particle composition of magnesia alumina brick should be strictly proportioning by the principle of "two big and small in the middle", so as to ensure the quantity of large particles and fine powders and reduce the middle particles. The addition amount of common fine grinding powder must be adjusted to Al2O3 content and fine powder content. When producing magnesia alumina bricks, the content of CaO should be strictly restricted in raw magnesia, because CaO forms CMS in the magnesia alumina bricks, and 1% of CaO forms 2.8%CMS. The more CMS, the more liquid phase appears at high temperature. For example, in the MgO-MS-MA system, when the starting temperature of the liquid phase is 1700 degrees.CMS, the liquid phase appears at 1500 C. The temperature of the liquid phase in the MA-CMS two element system is only 1410 C. At the same time, the viscosity of the solution formed by the high content of CaO is small and the fluidity is good, and the softening temperature of the load will be reduced obviously. Therefore, the C/S ratio of magnesia and the absolute content of CaO should be strictly controlled in order to improve the high-temperature properties of magnesia products. The firing temperature of magnesia alumina brick is about 30~50 degrees higher than that of common magnesia brick, and the rest firing system is similar to ordinary magnesia brick.

Magnesia alumina brick has good thermal shock resistance, high mechanical strength and high softening temperature. The main fiber structure characteristic of magnesia aluminum brick is that it is evenly distributed in the matrix in situ reaction spinel, and the general crystal size is less than 20mm. The magnesia aluminum brick has good slag resistance, high temperature property and thermal stability. The price is cheaper than the magnesium spinel brick. The layer tube rice is used in the steel flat furnace top, and is still used in the steel ladle and steelmaking furnace for permanent. Lining, glass furnace regenerator, mixer furnace, steel smelting reflector roof and refractory industrial high temperature kiln.