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What are the advantages of using aluminum magnesia carbon bricks?

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What are the advantages of using aluminum magnesia carbon bricks?

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In recent years, many enterprises have developed a number of comprehensive masonry lining materials, such as aluminum magnesia carbon brick for the main body of the wall, and high grade aluminum magnesia carbon brick used in the surface of the steel ladle to meet the surface of the steel or local vulnerable parts. The alumina magnesia carbon brick has the characteristics of low porosity, strong slag resistance and erosion resistance, especially in the process of using spinel, which further improves the anti peeling and slag resistance of the products, and enhances the resistance of the products to the slag erosion.

The price of magnesia carbon brick

    The aluminum magnesia carbon bricks of different grades are used on the continuous casting ladle, and their life is 2~3 times the service life of the high aluminum lining bricks. For example, the average service life of the 200 ton continuous casting ladle in Anshan Iron and Steel Company (CAS-OB refining treatment) is more than 70 times, and the corrosion of the ladle lining is balanced and the effect of economic operation is achieved.