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Nickel iron

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Nickel iron

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  • Date:2018/05/04
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Nickel iron

The main composition of nickel iron is nickel and iron, and contains a small amount of cobalt iron alloy. Ferro nickel also contains carbon, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, chromium, copper and other impurities.

Use: as an alloy element additive in the steelmaking industry, it can improve the bending strength and hardness of the steel. In cast iron, it can make its structure uniform, density quotient, and can also be used as nickel or nickel chromium cast iron roller and other casting alloy adding agent. The largest use of nickel is to produce stainless steel and heat resistant steel, followed by the production of alloy structural steel and alloy cast iron. In the steel industry, nickel and iron have been used instead of some metal nickel. With the development of steelmaking and cast iron technology, nickel oxide is also used instead of some metal nickel in special steel and alloy cast iron.

Nickel iron

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