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Introduction of magnesia chrome brick application area

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Introduction of magnesia chrome brick application area

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Application field of magnesia chrome brick for magnesia carbon brick listed company

Magnesia chrome bricks are mainly used in metallurgical industry, such as building open hearth top, electric furnace top, furnace refining furnace and all kinds of non-ferrous metal smelting furnace. The high temperature furnace wall of the ultra high power furnace adopts magnesia chrome brick, and the high erosion area of the furnace is made of synthetic magnesia chrome brick, and the high erosion area of the non-ferrous metal flash smelting furnace is made of magnesia chrome brick and synthetic material made of synthetic material. In addition, magnesia chrome bricks are also used in the firing zone of cement rotary kiln and the regenerator of glass furnace.

Magnesia carbon brick listed company

Classification standard

This standard is applicable to magnesia chrome bricks made from magnesia and chromite.

1 Classification

The 1.1 bricks are divided into four grades: MGe-20, MGe-16, MGe-12 and MGe-8.

The classification of 1.2 bricks should conform to the requirements of YB 844-75 "classification and definition of refractory products".

1.3 the shape and size of the bricks shall be in accordance with the requirements of GB 2074-80 "the shape and size of magnesia chrome bricks for copper smelting furnace" and can be produced according to the demand side drawings.