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Introduction of magnesia carbon brick listed company

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Introduction of magnesia carbon brick listed company

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Magnesia carbon brick listed company

According to the material status and injection method, gunning can be divided into three types.

(1) wet gunning can only be repaired by thin layer.

Magnesia carbon brick listed company

(2) dry gunning (also known as semi dry gunning) can be used for thicker layer spray repair, the most widely used.

(3) flame spraying can obtain a compact gunning layer with high bonding strength and strong erosion resistance.

According to the state of spraying material on the spray face, it can be divided into:

(1) melt material injection method can be divided into 3 types: flame injection, plasma jet and slag splashing.

(2) the cold material injection method is divided into 5 kinds: mud jet method, dry jet method, semi wet injection method (or tidal jet method), mixed injection method and wet jet method.

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