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Introduction of converter technology by magnesia carbon brick company

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Introduction of converter technology by magnesia carbon brick company

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What is the technology of slag splashing in Converter?

Answer: converter slag splashing technology is a new technology developed in recent years to improve the furnace life. It is widely used in 1970s, on the basis of adding MgO slag making slag and slag making slag in slag, using oxygen lance to spray high pressure nitrogen and splash the residual slag in the furnace on the surface of the whole converter inside the furnace in 2 - 4min, and form the furnace technology of slag protection layer. The technology can greatly improve the furnace life of converter, with less investment, simple process and remarkable economic benefits.

The price of magnesia carbon brick

The technology was developed by the Praxair gas company of the United States and was first applied to the GreatLakes (Great Lake) branch of the American Republic steel company. After the implementation of the Great Lakes factory and the GraniteCity plant, it has not been popularized. In 1991, LTV Indiana HaBOr plant used splashing slag as part of the overall furnace protection. In September 1994, the furnace lining life of the 252t top bottom blowing converter in the factory reached 15658 furnace lining life, the consumption of spraying material was reduced to 0.37kg/t steel, the cost of spraying material was 66%, the operation rate of converter was increased from 78% in 1987 to 97% in 1994. Slag splashing technology can maintain the lining in a fairly long period of service and achieve a "permanent" lining.

What is the basic principle of slag splashing technology?

Answer: the basic principle of slag splashing technology is to adjust the residual finish slag after tapping of the converter, and use the MgO content to reach the saturable or supersaturated finish. Through the splashing of high pressure nitrogen, a layer of high melting point splash slag which is well sintered and attached to the lining of the lining is formed on the lining surface, as shown in Figure 2 to 1. The spatter layer has good corrosion resistance and can reduce the mechanical scour of the lining in the steelmaking process, thus protecting the lining brick, slowing down the damage degree, and improving the life of the lining.