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Light refractory castable magnesia carbon brick listed company

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Light refractory castable magnesia carbon brick listed company

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With the continuous development of industrial demand and technical research, the varieties of lightweight refractory castables for magnesia carbon brick companies are expanding, and the scope of use has been greatly widened. In the area of variety classification, it is generally classified according to the variety, making method, type and performance grade of light aggregate. It is usually divided into light brick sand, porous clinker, hollow ball, ceramsite and expanded perlite. In terms of the scope of use, from the original only as the high-temperature furnace heat insulation layer masonry material, developed to the present can build a light refractory castable for the lining of the flame furnace below 1800 centigrade. For example, on the heating and heating section of the steel rolling furnace with the furnace temperature of 1400 C, the lightweight refractory castables with volume density of 1.5? 1.6 g/cm3 are used for pouring the working lining, and the service life has been over 2 years, and the good energy saving effect has been obtained. However, the quality of light weight refractory castables remains to be further improved.

Magnesia carbon brick listed company

Construction and maintenance of light refractory castable

The construction of lightweight refractory castables is carried out on the inner wall of flue gas seriously damaged by gas generator. In the concrete construction process, the breakage lining is cleared up first. After cleaning, the riveting firmware is arranged on the inner wall of the metal flue, and the construction of the lining of the flue is completed by applying the painting and tamping construction technology. According to the construction process, the lightweight refractory castable developed has excellent construction performance. After construction, the lining surface is smooth and smooth. In the process of natural curing, the lining is cured smoothly without cracks on the surface.

After construction and maintenance, it is put into practical application. After field observation and test, the flue is running normally. The surface temperature is uniform, which indicates that the lining thickness is uniform. There is no local structure peeling off under the condition of high temperature flue gas scouring. After a year's practical application, the lining of the flue is in good condition with the observation of annual repair time. It has achieved the expected application effect. At present, the flue has been used for two years, and no obvious lining spalling and erosion have been found. The problem of structural deformation of the flue metal was not found, and the purpose of prolonging the service life of the flue gas well was achieved.